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Post FX | Next Level Compositing

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Upgrade your Compositor!

Post FX is the ultimate post production addon, upgrading Blender's compositor with 40+ new tools and controls.
Gain access to features such as: Color Calibration, Vibrance, Levels, Lens Flares and much more!

Includes an easy to use Layer System + powerful Pie Menu for experts.
Create any custom pipeline in seconds without touching a single node connection!

Post FX Adjustment Tools

Color Calibration: Complete color and saturation control!

Post FX Effect Tools

Flare Builder: Add dynamic light flares

Post FX Filter Tools


Compositor Ctrl + A:

Image Editor: Toolbar UI

Additional Features:

  • Auto Optimization: Much faster performance
  • Auto Alignment: No overlapping nodes
  • Customization Options: Modify shortcuts and more
  • Color Coding: Pipelines easier to read
  • Normalized value ranges: Consistent values across all nodes.
  • Instant Image Export: Save render output with a single click
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Post FX | Next Level Compositing

0 ratings
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